Miscellaneous Romance no.1 (2012), in collaboration with Annie Lewandowski

Annie Lewandowski, live improvisation on prepared piano
Amit Gilutz, electronics

The Miscellaneous Romance Project is a modular set of pieces based on 'missed connections' ads on craigslist and other online dating websites. Ideally, for each performance the music and text are adapted to engage and perhaps reflect something about the locality in which it is performed.

Miscellaneous Romance no.1 is dedicated to Shaka McGlotten.


Miscellaneous Romance no.2, Vienna (2013) - excerpt

Ingólfur Vilhjálmsson, bass clarinet
Amit Gilutz, prepared piano and electronics

Miscellaneous Romance no.2 is dedicated to Kevin Ernste.


While We Danced (2012) - excerpt

Concerto for flute and prepared string orchestra, with audience participation.
Composed by Amit Gilutz and Roy Amotz, after Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine.

Roy Amotz, flute
The Tel Aviv Soloists conducted by Barak Tal


the task of interpretation (a counterpoint to Edward Said) 2012 - excerpt

for prepared string quartet, gamelan and electronics.
Performed by the Momenta Quartet and the Cornell Gamelan Ensemble directed by Chris Miller.


The Task of Interpretation (a counterpoint to Edward Said) 2012 - excerpt II